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5th International L-Number-Days
Welcome to the homepage of the L-Number-Days!

We are happy to invite you to the 5th International L-Number-Days, which will take place in Hannover, Germany, from October 27th to 29th, 2017.

Isn’t the L-Number-Days concept a little outdated by now?

Since the L-Number-Days in 2015 the general importsituation got worse unfortunately. Especially exports from Brazil are getting less, shipments and flights are being cancelled, while some of the popular species have even been forbidden to deal with temporally. Columbian and peruvian exporters still face the problem, that only few new species can be expected. The ongoing destruction of the environment and dam projects don’t make us believe that the situation will change soon.

Therefore it is even more surprising that the community around these great fishes is still one of the largest in the hobby and people stick together in hard times. But thats not all, we can also count in young people to join the hobby and becoming part of the group. Missing new and spectacular imports it’s the conservation and line breeding projects that are being focussed more and more. International events help to connect people from all overall and experiences, ideas and fishes can be exchanged.

Panaqolus sp. L 482

However, nevertheless, a significantly active group of catfish friends worldwide still puts a lot of effort into the keeping and breeding of these interesting ornamental fish. Moreover, there are still loads of exciting subjects about catfish which are worth considering in presentations. Two special questions that are on the catfish keepers´ mind refer to the effects of the dam construction on the Rio Xingu and to the problem with the choice of names related to the black and white striped Hypancistrus species. Last but least, the increasing number of guests at the L- Number-Days strongly speaks in favor of this event.

Will it be as international as the last times?

Peckoltia compta L 134

Fortunately the situation concerning the L-Number-Days didnt change at all, it’s still an international event, connecting pleco friends from several continents. Therefore we expect participants from North- and Southamerica, Asia and of course several european coutries. Many have already agreed to join the event again.

Accordingly there will be many languages heard again, having english as the main communication instrument. Of course, this year, too, all presentations will be interpreted simultaneously into English and vice versa making sure all of our guests can follow and join the presentations.

Whats new this year?

Leporacanthicus joselimai L 264

The first change to last year was a new hotel unfortunately. Even if we were quite happy with the one we had, the prices increased strongly, so we decided to look out for a new one: Hotel Hennies in Isernhagen, near Hannover, a very promising and comfortable new hotel.

More and more often people came towards us and expressed their wish to hear something aboout the subfamilies Loricariinae and Hypoptopomatinae, both have growing supporter groups, so we took them in and will present talks about these as well, for the first time.

The main programm is done and again we are able to present a great schedule with well-known speakers and an interesting, variable programm. Sundays‘ schedule is not figured out yet, but will be filled with great talks soon.

We hope that the L-Number-Days 2017 meet your interest. We would be happy to welcome you as our guest!

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